The informal R introduction course

Here is a list of topics that we will cover. Each of these has some explanations, example code and example datasets to illustrate the topic.

Topics to Cover

  1. Introduction to R, R Studio, Packages, and importing data
    1. Introduction
    2. R Script
    3. The data you need to download to the working directory is here:
    4. Homework install other common packages using this file A.
  2. Basic statistics
    1. Basic Statistics
    2. R Script
    3. The data you need to download to the working directory is here:
  3. Graphing
    1. Plotting
    2. Plotting R Script
    3. Advanced graph modificaions and themes
      A. Building a publication quality graph - Modified Graphs
      B. R Script for graphs - Modified Graphs Script
      C. R Script for custom themes - Publication Theme to Store
    4. Maps with ggmap and ggplot - Maps with ggmap
      A. The r script to run this is here - R Scripts for Maps with ggmap
  4. Correlation and Regression analysis
    1. Correlation and Regression
    2. R Script
  5. T-Tests and Anovas
    1. T-Tests
      A. T-Test
      B. R Script for T-Tests
    2. One Way AOV
    1. One Way AOV B. R Script for One Way AOV
    1. Two Way AOV - Coming Soon
    1. Two Way AOV
      B. R Script for Two Way AOV
      C. Iris data Two Way AOV
  6. Dates and times
    1. Time and Dates
  7. Dataframe manipulation - still working on it
    1. Playing with dataframes
  8. Advanced Graphs
    1. Lake profile graphs - temperature, dissolved oxygen and other values
      A. Lake Profiles at discrete depths
      B. Lake profiles from CTD casts - will be up here in a bit
    2. Lake Isopleth or Heatmap graphs with lake temperature, depth and data all in one
      A. Lake heatmaps or isopleths

the NZ data is from

Data for Toolik was obtained from

Here is a list of websites I use all the time

R studio


Central bloggers website

Basic but good R code

Basic but good R code

More detiled and good R code