Welcome to my new webpage made in R.

The work we do in the laboratory covers two broad areas of research

  1. Bigeochemistry of streams, lakes, and tile-drained agricultural fields
    • Watershed management effects on stream water quality
    • Nitrate removal of constructed wetlands
    • Cover crop reduction of nitrate losses
    • Monitoring water quality in streams entering two drinking water reservoirs
  2. Crayfish ecology and invasions
    • Invasion dynamics in streams
    • Performance and behavior in flow
    • Morphological differences in response to flow

Open graduate student positions: My laboratory is currently working on one primary project:

  1. Role of cover crops in reducing nutrient loss from a new experimental plot system using a new cash cover crop.The aspects of this project we will be working on are:
    • Soil quality and nutrient content
    • porewater nitrogen concentrations with and without cover crops
    • weed diversity and biomass associated with cover crops compared to reference
    • honeybee use of the cover crop
    • nutrient loss from tile water