The CLEAT Project - Funded by DANIDA and a collaboration between Aarhus University, TAFIRI, Illinois State University, and University of Dar es Salaam.

The site will provide details and photos of the launch of the buoy on Lake Tanganyika.

We are located at TAFIRI in Kigoma, Tanzania

Kigoma Tanzania

November 29

Day 1 - The unpacking of the shipping container

Day 1

November 30

Day 2 - Big Science - Cranes, Trucks, and Ships

Day 2

December 1

Day 3 - Data loggers, anchors, and GPS surveys

Day 3

December 2

Day 4 - Anchors away

Day 4

December 3

Day 5 - The last anchor goes in today - Stay tuned for updates.

Day 5

December 4

Day 6 - A day to recover and prepare for Monday - Putting sensors on the buoy.

Day 6

December 5

Day 7 - Talk to the fishermen and put sensors on the buoy.

Day 7 Huruma and Sweki talking to the fishermen

Day 7 putting the gear on the buoy

December 6 - planning and not a day for photos.

December 7 - The unveiling of the buoy!

Day 9 Meetings

Day 9 The Ribbon Cutting!!!